Approved upholstery for Sit

We would like to inform you that the use of stretching upholstery, as leather and vinyl, is not recommended for the Sit collection unless for major projects, where we will need a sample for approval prior to the order. If you would like to use a stretching upholstery, please follow the following steps:

Step 1
Confirm if the upholstery is already approved. 

Step 2
If the upholstery has not already been approved for Sit, testing is required. Please send, at the attention of your account manager, two yards of the desired upholstery. 

Step 3
You may send your order once the vinyl/leather is approved. 

Preapproved upholstery for Sit

CF Stinston Cassidy   3
CF Stinston Dash
J. Ennis Fabrics Atmosphere   3
J. Ennis Fabrics Chamea II V 3
J. Ennis Fabrics Levanté V 3
J. Ennis Fabrics Reflex   4
J. Ennis Fabrics Sequel   3
J. Ennis Fabrics Spirit Millenium V 3
J. Ennis Fabrics Whisper V 3
Maharam Emboss   6
Maharam Manner   2
Maharam Messenger   2
Mayer Fabrics All Seasons   2
Mayer Fabrics Antique   3
Mayer Fabrics Caressa   3
Mayer Fabrics Dande   2
Mayer Fabrics Durango V 2
Mayer Fabrics Interlochen V 3
Mayer Fabrics Sequence V 2
Mayer Fabrics Shimmer   4
Mayer Fabrics Sketch V 2
Mayer Fabrics Slick V 3
Mayer Fabrics Verona   3
Momentum Group Beeline V 2
Momentum Group Bravo II V 3
Momentum Group Canter V 2
Momentum Group Cashmere II V 3
Momentum Group Core   1
Momentum Group Eon V 3
Momentum Group Rein II V 3
Momentum Group Row V 3
Momentum Group Silica V -
Momentum Group Silica Etch V -
Momentum Group Silica Leather V -
Momentum Group Sublime II V 3
Momentum Group Via   2

* V - Vinyl/polyurethane

Do not use for Sit

J. Ennis Fabrics
Brisa V -
J. Ennis Fabrics Brisa Distressed
V -
J. Ennis Fabrics Brisa Fresco V -
J. Ennis Fabrics Naugasoft V 3
J. Ennis Fabrics Turner V 1
Mayer Fabrics Forte   1
Mayer Fabrics Foundation 10   2
Momentum Group Origin   2
Triden Allante   3
Triden Prague   3
True Textiles Openhouse   2
Victor Innovatex Blink   2

* V - Vinyl/polyurethane