Privacy Policy and Personal Data Management

Last Updated: December 18, 2023


Logiflex is committed to ensuring the security of the information it holds and protecting the personal and confidential information it collects and processes. This Privacy Policy and Personal Data Management (hereinafter referred to as the "Privacy Policy") reflects this commitment and is developed in compliance with the requirements of the Private Sector Privacy Act. The rules established by Logiflex consider the challenges arising from the use of technology and the digital environment.


This Privacy Policy aims to inform individuals from whom Logiflex collects personal information through technology about its practices for managing and processing personal data.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you have read, understood, and consented to our practices for processing personal data before using our website or transmitting any personal information to us through technological means. If you do not agree to the Privacy Policy, please refrain from electronically providing us with your information and using the website.


Logiflex reserves the right to update or modify the Privacy Policy without notice. In the event of a modification, the "Last Updated" date at the top of the page will be adjusted. Make sure to check back regularly on this page to view the most recent version of the Privacy Policy.


Logiflex collects personal information only when it is necessary for a specific purpose, transparently, and with the valid consent of the individuals concerned, except in cases where consent is not required under the law.

In this Privacy Policy, the term "Personal Information" refers to any information concerning an individual that allows, directly or indirectly, identification or confirmation of their identity.

In addition to online forms on the website, Logiflex may also collect personal information through forms, phone interviews, opinion surveys, or questionnaires, at different times, for example when you:

  • Are a Customer: Opening an account on our ERP system, accessing and transacting with our online ordering systems.
  • Are an Employee: Opening an employee file with access to salary information, group insurance, medical information, and work-related incidents/accidents.
  • Browse the website (through general access or via the Member Zone);
  • Submit a comment or question via the website through any means of communication or via social media;
  • Consent to receive marketing communications through any means of communication;
  • Respond to a survey, poll, or participate in a contest on the website or via social media;
  • Want to obtain on-demand services;
  • Transmit to Logiflex any document containing Personal Information;
  • Apply for a job at Logiflex;
  • Contact the customer support team.

Depending on the situations, you may be asked to provide the following personal information:


  • Your name;
  • Your contact information (e.g., email, address, phone number);
  • Any information regarding your use of the website;
  • Any other necessary information.

During financial transactions (purchase of furniture or sale of goods and services):

  • Financial or banking information such as your transit number, check specimen, credit card number, or any other financial information.

When hiring as an employee:

  • Your date of birth;
  • Your social insurance number, your driver's license number;
  • Any information about your professional or personal situation;
  • Any document verifying your identity.


Depending on the situations, the purposes of collecting personal information may include:

  • To provide, maintain, execute, and improve services;
  • To conduct research, development, and produce statistics, including to improve the customer or employee experience and understand your needs;
  • To perform internal operations, including, for example, preventing fraud and abuse of our services, resolving software and operational issues, conducting data analysis, tests, and research, and monitoring and analyzing usage and activity trends;
  • To send you our newsletter or any other communication that might interest you, including information about products, services, promotions, as well as news.

Logiflex ensures that valid consent is obtained from the individuals concerned before using or disclosing personal information, unless a specific situation allows doing so without consent.

Additionally, the collected information may be used or disclosed when necessary to enforce the terms of an agreement between you and Logiflex or to protect the rights, property, or safety of a person or entity, or as required by law, especially in response to a request from competent government authorities.


You can choose not to receive or to stop receiving promotional messages or emails from Logiflex by indicating your refusal at the outset or later by following the instructions mentioned at the bottom of such messages or emails. If you unsubscribe, Logiflex will stop sending you promotional messages or emails and will only contact you for the sole purposes necessary for the services you have requested or within the limits of ongoing business relationships.


Logiflex retains the collected personal information for the minimum period required by legal and regulatory deadlines. Once the retention periods have expired, documents containing personal information are securely, completely, and definitively destroyed, whether they are in paper or electronic format.

For a serious and legitimate purpose, Logiflex may anonymize the personal information it holds instead of completely destroying it. Anonymization has the effect of definitively, irreversibly, and permanently breaking the link between the information and your identity. If applicable, Logiflex undertakes to respect recognized best practices for anonymization.


Your personal information is stored, in particular, via Cloud services whose servers are mainly located in Canada. However, your personal information may be stored on other servers located outside Quebec, such as in the United States, where privacy laws may not guarantee protection similar to that of your jurisdiction. By consenting to this Privacy Policy, you consent to backups abroad.


Logiflex does not sell or rent the collected personal information.

It may happen that your personal information is disclosed to third parties, but only with your consent or as allowed by law, for example:

  • Service Providers: Logiflex may disclose personal information to suppliers with whom it does business when such disclosure is necessary for the performance of the contract or the provision of the service by the supplier. Logiflex ensures that the written contract entered into contains the required commitments from the supplier regarding the protection of the communicated personal information.
    Logiflex mandates and works with third parties, other companies, and/or individuals in business, to perform functions on its behalf or to obtain various products or services, for example, to develop software applications and/or database functions or to send communications.
    All external suppliers, agents, affiliates, and self-employed contractors working on behalf of Logiflex who have access to your personal information are required to protect this information in a manner consistent with this Privacy Policy. Your personal information will only be disclosed to them to the extent that such sharing is necessary for the performance of their contract or the execution of their mandate.
  • Study, Research, or Production of Statistics: Logiflex may disclose personal information to third parties to conduct a study, research, or produce statistics, particularly for machine learning, advertising, or marketing purposes. Any personal information disclosed for these purposes is previously depersonalized and separated from the identity of the person concerned.
  • Business Transactions: Logiflex may disclose the personal information it holds if necessary for the conclusion of a business transaction (e.g., in the context of a merger, sale of company assets, financing, or acquisition, or in another situation where personal information might be considered in the evaluation of the business). If a business transaction is concluded, you will be informed if the contracting third party continues to hold your information. In no case do these transactions allow the use of personal information for purposes other than those for which you have given your consent.


Logiflex uses technological means to collect, store, use, communicate, and destroy personal information. Appropriate security and cybersecurity measures are implemented at various levels to protect the personal information processed through technological means. However, despite all these measures, the use of technology always represents a risk of a confidentiality incident that could compromise the protection of your information. By entrusting your personal information to Logiflex, you acknowledge being aware of the risks arising from the use of technology.


In the event that Logiflex becomes aware of an incident compromising the confidentiality of your personal information, and this incident poses a risk that you may suffer serious harm, we will notify you in writing. In such a case, the Access to Information Commission will also be informed.

A confidentiality incident consists of any unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of personal information, as well as the loss of such information or any other breach of the protection of such information.


The website contains hyperlinks to external sites, including Facebook and LinkedIn. The hyperlinks are available for users' convenience. The addition of these hyperlinks on the Logiflex website should not be construed as an acknowledgment of responsibility for the risks incurred by using external sites.

Be aware that when you leave the Logiflex website and go to external sites, even by traveling using a hyperlink, this Privacy Policy no longer applies.

We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of the websites you visit.


When you browse the Logiflex website, certain information might be stored in the form of cookies. A cookie is a small text file that stores information in your browser, on your computer's hard drive. Logiflex uses these cookies for behavioral targeting and retargeting in web advertising campaigns so that third-party providers like Google can display relevant ads tailored to your internet browsing habits. Behavioral targeting and retargeting are marketing tools that identify anonymous visitor behaviors.

No personal information is collected, used, or disclosed during this process. Our service providers do not know your name, phone number, mailing address, email address, or any other information that would allow them to personally identify you.


The personal information you entrust to us continues to belong to you, and you have the right to request access to it, request its correction, or withdraw your consent.

Right to access: You can request Logiflex to confirm the existence of personal information held about you and the right to demand a copy. Reasonable fees may be charged for transcription, reproduction, or transmission of this information.

Right to correction: If you notice that your personal information held by Logiflex is inaccurate, incomplete, or ambiguous, or if its collection, communication, or retention has not been carried out in compliance with the law, you can demand that it be corrected.

Right to withdraw your consent: You can decide at any time to no longer consent to the storage, use, or disclosure of your personal information by Logiflex, subject to legal rules that may limit this right (e.g., minimum retention periods provided by tax laws).


If you have a complaint about the protection of personal information or respect for privacy, send an email to CPRP@logiflex.ca and describe the situation. Any complaint is handled promptly and answered within a maximum of 30 business days.


At Logiflex, Tania Courchesne, Continuing training and quality system coordinator, serves as the person responsible for the protection of personal information and ensures compliance with the implementation of the Private Sector Privacy Act.

For the exercise of your rights, filing a complaint, or for any questions or comments regarding the protection of your personal information or its processing by Logiflex, you can contact the person responsible using the contact information provided below:

Email: CPRP@logiflex.ca

Phone: 1-877-864-9323, ext. 376